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Barcodes for Books
Information on the Bookland EAN Barcode, the UPC symbol and their uses in the book publishing industry.

ISBN and SAN Questions Answered
Answers to some recent questions about the SAN and ISBN numbers for publishers.

ISBN Frequently Asked Questions
Applying for and using International Standard Book Number

The Galley FAQ
What bound galleys are, why you need them, where to get them, and who to send them to.

Trade or Mass Market?
Lets get some definitions clear before we begin...

What is a Self-Publisher
A brief look at self-publishing — what it is, what it isn't, and why anyone would be crazy enough to try it.

Write, Publish and Market a Book with No Cash
Kathleen Gage explains how, with planning and hard work, she wrote, self-published, and marketed her book with no out of pocket expenses.

Ebook Formats
A brief introduction to formats most often used in today's most popular ereading devices.

A to Z of Self-Publishing
This excerpt from "The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing: How to Produce and Market Your Book on a Budget" takes you through self-publishing from A to Z

Alternative Ways To Getting Published
Publishing has changed greatly over the past decade. Not only are you given a lot more options to get your work published these days, but you are also empowered through the alternatives to take things into your own hands. Let us learn about the different alternatives to getting your own book published.

Are Self-Publishing Companies "Cheating" the System?
Are self-published authors not "paying their dues?" Are self-publishing services encouraging cheating the system? Brent Sampson thinks not.

Booklets, Another Way to Sell Your Books
Why would someone want to turn their book into a booklet? This gives readers a bite-sized palatable introduction to a new topic in their life rather than first delving into a 200-page book as their first experience with new information.

Online Promotion and Persistence Pay off for Self-Published Authors
Face it, writing and printing your self-published book are relatively easy tasks, compared with all the other requirements for marketing it successfully. The selling process can be so daunting, you need to be sure first whether you are even cut out to be a self-publisher.

Self-Publishing - How to Know If Itís Right For You
It has never been easier or more profitable to self-publish the right works for the right reasons. For the wrong reason, self-publication is as much a dead end as ever.

Self-Publishing Your Fiction
If youre thinking of publishing your own fiction, you owe it to yourself to find out everything you can about the self-publishing business.

The Advantages of Self-Publishing
While there has traditionally been a stigma attached to self-publishing, for some writers the option to self-publish has many advantages.

The Author as Publisher
Things in the publishing industry clearly haven't changed much since this article on self-publishing was written in 1910.

The Rise of Self Publishing
Not long ago, self published books were considered just a few steps above pamphlets run off on a Xerox machine. How did this big change come about?

Why You Should Write and Publish Your Book Now
While it might not be the best time ever to be a book publisher, and while it's definitely not the best time to be a bookseller, it's a great time to be a self-publishing author.

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