What is a Self-Publisher?

A brief look at self-publishing -- what it is, what it isn’t, and why anyone would be crazy enough to try it.


Are Self-Publishing Companies "Cheating"?

Are self-published authors not "paying their dues?" Are self-publishing services encouraging cheating the system? According to Brent Sampson, they are merely taking advantage of the evolution of the entertainment and business worlds.


How Authors Use Kickstarter to Fund Their Books

One of the most interesting things that has transpired in the world of book publishing is the advent of the use of Kickstarter as a tool for authors. Having helped one of my authors with her Kickstarter campaign (She raised $15,000), I can attest to the veracity of the concept. Prior to this I did some research, spoke to several authors who had conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign and used some of those tactics in our campaign. I’ve taken the information and wrote an article about it with insight and suggestions that authors and publishers might find useful.