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Five Habits of Successful Authors

While every writer has a different way of approaching their craft, there are some habits that many, if not most, successful authors engage in that contribute to their success. By incorporating these habits into your daily practices, you can increase your chance of success and personal growth in the writing industry.


The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Authors

Studying successful authors reveals that many of them do things in common that contribute to their success in the field. Learning from their experience may help you find success as well.


Writing A Local History

Writing a local history can be a wise route for writers who wish to begin or expand their careers into a more scholarly non-fiction path. Whether the work is an article for a local publication, or a full book written for the community and beyond, local stories come with a built-in market eager to read material about the places around them and the people that used and inhabited those sites over time.